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How to Train Your Database

I was called into my boss's office one day as she had some "issues with Excel". Her issues were basically that she didn't have a way to record multiple instances of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) training throughout the year. The data structure just didn't support the requirements just passed down from corporate. She didn't have an Excel problem at all. It was clear that we needed a new solution to keep our records straight and our people safe and healthy while working in a potentially dangerous environment. I suggested we look at using a database...


Vue Template in VS Code doesn't allow Emmet

I've recently been writing in Vue a lot more, and I ran into an issue in VS Code. Vue's template doesn't recognize Emmet abbreviations in VS Code. It doesn't seem like such a big deal I guess, but it makes everything slower when I'm coding and is a bit of an annoyance at best. I found a fix and wanted to share in case you have the same issue.


Your Git Email is not a member of team

Have you ever seen this kind of message when trying to push code to gitlab or github? remote: GitLab: Author '' is not a member of team